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The html and content on your website should be optimized with on-site SEO so that your site gets more traffic and ranks as high as possible in search results. This article offers tips for optimizing your website pages.

1. Formatting of Content
On your pages, write short paragraphs using easy-to-read font. Use at least a size 12 font and underline, bold, or italicize important parts of your content. Use H1 tags for your headings and H2 tags for subheadings.

2. Descriptions and Titles
Your page descriptions are important because they are displayed in search results. Each of your pages should have a unique description that is up to 150 characters long. Your page titles should also be unique and should describe what your page is about.

3. Website Content
It is important to create a publishing schedule for your website so that your site offers new content on a regular basis to your audience and to search engines. The content you create should first be published on your site before it is published elsewhere. When you put images or videos on your site, be sure to also include descriptive text.

4. Image OptimizationBefore you upload images to your site, reduce the files sizes as much as possible, without sacrificing quality. Also use ALT tags, which let search engines know what a picture is about. Your file names should also be descriptive and you can use keywords in your file names.

5. Internal Linking
On your website pages, including links to other pages helps to guide users and search engines to your best pages. It also increases your page view statistics. You can use some links that include keywords and some that do not. Another option for directing people to other content is to include “related posts” at the end of your pages.

6. Link Optimization
Use breadcrumbs to make it easy for users to navigate your site and see where they are on it. Add a sitemap if your site is large. URLs should be under 255 characters long and have hyphens between words. Establish categories for your posts and pages to make it easy for your users and for search engines to find your content. You can also create sub-categories.

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