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“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

– Napoleon Hill

Influencers are active on the internet on blogs, social media and podcasts. They promote niches, brands and impact the awareness and actions of their followers. Here are some tips about influencer marketing and how it can help you to achieve your business goals.

1. Why Are Influencers Important to Your Business?
Recommendations by influencers are powerful because their followers know and trust them. An influencer can tell a story about your product to get their audience interested in it. This can help to drive traffic to your site and social media channels and help to sell your product. Find influencers to represent you as soon as you can, before your competitors do.

2. Choosing an Influencer
When you choose an influencer to work with, pick one that has an audience that would be interested in what you offer. Consider the types of blogs, topics, and social sites that your ideal customer would be interested in. Pick one or two categories to find influencers in. An example of a category is fashion. Find two or three topics that your category focuses on such as necklaces, clothes, or makeup. When reaching out to the influencer, mention a topic that they like to write about and explain why you would be a good fit to work together.

3. Decide on Your Goal
Decide on the type of reach you want to achieve when you work with the influencer. This will help you to decide on which influencers to choose. For example, if you have a visual campaign, then look for influencers that are on visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. 

4. Social Media Monitoring
Social media monitoring is one way to find influencers in the areas you want to target. Identify the hashtags that your influencers are using on Twitter. This will also help you to find others that are having conversations related to those hashtags. Add influencers on a list in Twitter.

5. Set Google Alerts
In Google Alerts, you can set up keywords alerts related to your brand to find people who write about your niche.

6. Finding Bloggers
There are tools such as Inkybee and BlogDash that can help you to locate ideal blogger influencers. Using one of these tools, find blogs in your category and locate specific niches by looking through the posts. To find the ideal bloggers for your niche, also consider their SEO status and social media relevance.

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