Learning how to effectively handle sales objections is very important to business.  It can make the difference between losing a big sale or closing it.  We offer some tips here:

The most important thing is to have a positive attitude.  Salespeople who keep a positive attitude close more sales.  At a financial company, the most enthusiastic people are often wholesalers who go out into the field to make sales – and many earn more than doctors.

One of the biggest objections is price.  People will often say that they can’t afford your product or service.  Remind them that it is not just price that matters but factors such as reliability, quality, experience, efficiency, and good customer service. For example, in the case of services, someone with more experience might achieve more results for the client in less time, and this can actually save the client money in the long run.

Identify the unique selling proposition that sets your business apart.  What does your product or service offer that your competitors do not?  Maybe you offer better customer service or maybe your product lasts longer than your competitor’s product.  Make a list of the benefits you offer and use them when marketing or selling your products or services.

Use success stories and testimonials.  These can be very effective because when someone sees how others have benefited from your product or service, they will imagine how they will benefit too and will be more likely to buy.  You can illustrate how people have saved time and money using your product or service or how they have made money.  You can use specific dollar amounts.

Sometimes, a client or customer will be very close to buying but still on the fence. This may be because they have too many choices and feel overwhelmed by all the options.  Help them to narrow the options to two or three choices that have as many of the features as they are looking for.  For example, if someone is trying to buy a computer, find two or three computers that most closely match what the person is looking for and focus on the best selling points of each. If the person asks for your advice on which one to buy, offer your preference.

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