How to Host an Effective Webinar

creating a webinar

Webinars are often used as a strategy for teaching a target audience about what you offer, and for selling products and services. They also help you to build authority so that you will be seen as an expert in your industry. But to build an effective webinar, you need to create a detailed system. Here are some of the main elements to include in your strategy.

Establish the Purpose of the Webinar

Before you can start to build your webinar system, you need to establish the purpose of your webinar. For example, are your trying to get more exposure for your business or is your goal to sell a product or service at a certain price point? If your goal is to sell something that you offer, you first need to determine what product or service would be worth creating a webinar for. It needs to be something that your audience needs and wants and something that would be worth your time creating a webinar around and promoting.

Create Metrics for the Webinar

By creating metrics for your webinar, you will be able to measure its success. For example, some of the things you may want to measure include the number of people who opt in for the webinar from various marketing strategies and platforms, webinar no-shows, and the number of people who book meetings with you or make a purchase after the webinar.

Creating the Webinar

To create your webinar, start by setting up an outline of action steps. For example, you will have steps for setting up the webinar. This includes selecting a topic, establishing your audience, writing your script, deciding on a platform for the webinar, recording the webinar, etc. You also need to decide if you want to do a live webinar or just record the webinar and offer it for people to watch later.

Set Up an Email Sequence

It’s important to set up an email sequence to stay top of mind before the webinar occurs, and to remind people to join the webinar. This is essential since about half of the people who register for a webinar are expected to be no-shows. Send those who signed up to the event reminders a day or two before it is scheduled to start, and also an hour before it starts.

Market the Webinar

Marketing the webinar can be the key to ensuring that you have enough attendees. One of the ways to market your webinar is through paid advertising. Facebook and LinkedIn ads are commonly used for this. Advertising to your email list is another effective way to get attendees. Be sure to also create email messages to follow up with those who attended or did not attend your webinar.

Compare the results of your webinar to what your goals were to find areas for improvement.

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