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“Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decisions.”
– Adam Osborne

We all love getting things for free. Giving away free samples of a product or service can be a great marketing strategy. When used effectively, it can help you to build your brand and establish customers and returning customers. Here are some tips for using free samples in your business.

1. Offering Free Samples When Starting Your Business
If you are starting a new business, giving away free samples can be a good way to spread the word. For example, if you are opening a local coffee shop, you can create a local Facebook ad campaign that advertises free coffee or pastries, for a limited time, to people who come into your shop. You could also have someone outside of your shop giving away samples to people who pass by.

2. Offering a Free Bonus with a Purchase
Customers are more likely to buy a product once they have tried a sample of it. This is why it can be a good idea to offer a couple of free samples with a purchase. With this strategy, the customer feels good about getting something for free and being able to try something new, while the company can increase its sales and returning customers.

3. Free Samples in Your Overall Marketing Strategy
Giving away free samples can be a part of a company’s overall marketing strategy in some cases. For example, a store might offer free coffee or food samples to its customers which can entice them to come into the store and shop. The free samples can make shopping more entertaining and enjoyable for customers while at the same time helping the business to sell its products.

4. Free Trials
If you have a software service, offering a free one-month trial can allow people to test your service risk-free. Alternatively, you can offer a basic plan of your service for free. Once people understand how your service works and have learned some things about how to use it, they will be more likely to stay with the service and to make upgrades. Offering a free trial also works well for memberships sites. For example, you can offer a membership for $1 for the first month and then $37 for additional months.

5. Giving Away Free Samples to Support an Event
Offering samples for an event that your target market enjoys is a great way to support the event and to support your customers and potential customers who are participating in the event. People will also associate your business name with the great time they had at the event. Offering samples that are related to the event is best. For example, if you are sponsoring a marathon, then you could offer samples of products that help marathoners. On the sample packaging, be sure to clearly indicate where people can connect with you online and buy more of your product.

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