“Don’t give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half.” 
-Paul “Bear” Bryant, Legendary Alabama Head Football Coach

We’ve blogged before about client retention. Getting repeat business is far less costly than finding new customers. You have to take care of existing clients and stay in touch with them frequently to make sure they are happy.

But what if you can’t think of a reason to call? No one has time to “just say hi” or to indulge in meaningless conversations. Before you call to check in on your client, make sure you have a reason to do so.

Here are 20 ideas to keep in your back pocket when you know you should touch base but you don’t know what to say:

1. You have a new opportunity to share. A way to partner or work together you haven’t previously explored.
2. You have a new product to introduce.
3. You have additional options to offer on products they buy.
4. You have a success story to share about a similar company and how your business was able to solve their problem.
5. You have updates on existing orders. Maybe they haven’t ordered in a while and you know they should have run out of your product by now.
6. Your pricing has changed, or your volume discounts have changed.
7. You have market information that would influence a buying decision.
8. Your have discontinued items they might be interested in.
9. You can offer them a sample of your product.
10. You have a referral for them.
11. You want them to give you a referral.
12. There have been management or other personnel changes that impact their account.
13. Your website has been updated or has new features they might want to use.
14. You will be in the area and want to meet in person to deliver a new contract, sample, etc.
15. Your company has purchased new technology that will make the relationship run smoother.
16. You want to invite them to tour your facility and see how their orders get filled.
17. You have tickets to a seminar that you know will interest them.
18. You are planning a vacation and want them to know who to contact in your absence.
19. Your company has a press release to share.
20. You have a customer service survey that you want them to complete.

There are a million good reasons to stay in touch. Sometimes you have to get creative. Most clients will appreciate getting good information and good customer service on a regular basis. It shows them that their business matters to you. Be careful not to go overboard. Ask your client how often they expect to hear from you and make a note of that in your CRM system.

Retaining business is essential in any economy and is always a good way to win. Develop a client retention strategy and stick to it. Soon you’ll have a portfolio of loyal customers who appreciate the good service they’ve come to expect from you.


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