Qualifying leads is an essential part of your sales process. It will save you time by eliminating undesirable leads and increasing your sales success by closing the right leads. But how do you qualify leads?, you ask. There are certain components that you can add to your sales process in order to create a good qualifying process. In this article, we discuss some of these.

How Do You Qualify Leads?

Ask Questions to Qualify Leads

To strengthen your sales process, you can ask several questions to qualify leads to help ensure that they would be a good fit – even before they speak to a salesperson. These questions can include inquiries about the company’s budget, their needs, and when they are looking to get started. Another strategy to help you qualify leads before a sales call is to add a section to your landing pages that answers frequently asked questions.

Specify Your Requirements and Who You Work With

To attract the right leads and help eliminate the undesirable ones, specify the niches that you work with. You can add this information on your site, LinkedIn page, etc. You can also detail important requirements for working with you.

Be Clear About Your Pricing

Depending on your business type, consider putting your pricing on your site or letting your leads know about your pricing early in your sales process to save both of you time. You don’t need to include your exact prices; you can say that your prices start at X amount, or that you work with companies that generate at least X revenue a year. This way, a lead will know whether or not their budget may be a good match to your company’s offerings.

How Do You Qualify Leads Using Video?

Creating a video that shows what your product or service has to offer is a great way to help qualify leads. You can use the video on your website and also include it when you send a message to a lead. The benefit of using videos is that they help to build trust by showing more details about what you offer and about who you are. People can see your face and hear your voice so it creates a more personal interaction than just using text. A video can help to answer many questions that a lead may have, helping to eliminate undesirable leads and keeping the desirable ones.

Find out What Happened with Lost Leads

There are times when a lead vanishes and you wonder what happened. Maybe they left by unsubscribing from your email list or became unresponsive when it was time to take the last step in your sales process. You can create questionnaires to find out what happened in these types of instances. Then you can use the answers to the questions to strengthen your sales process.

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