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“We tend to like each other better when walking, sitting or standing side by side or at right angles from each other.”
— Kare Anderson

Being a very likable person does not require being very outgoing and social, being very attractive, intelligent, or talented.  Likability comes from authenticity and connecting with people well.  In this article we offer some tips for building your likability.

• Remember the Importance of a Smile
Smiling is often the first cue to someone that you are open and approachable, both in social situations and dating situations, so if you want someone to approach you, offer a friendly smile.

• Use the Names of People When Talking to Them
People feel validated when their names are used so make sure to use their names whenever you get an opportunity.  If you are not very good at remembering names, when you first meet someone, try using their name as soon as you can. This will help you to remember.  For example, you might say “Robert, how did you hear about this networking event?”

• Be Open-Minded about New People You Meet
Although first impressions can be strong, it is important to keep an open mind; so do not be quick to judge others.  After all, when you first meet someone, you only see a part of who they are, and there are other sides of them that you have not seen yet. Having an open mind also builds more topics for you to talk about and therefore makes you more interesting and more approachable to more people.

• Find Ways to Help Others
Offering help to others when you can is one of the best ways to become likable and it does not necessarily even need to take much effort on your part.  For example, if you are at an event and you know two people who could really benefit from being introduced to each other, you can make the introduction.

• Be Dependable, Consistent, and Honest
By being dependable, consistent and honest, you will develop a good reputation for being a trustworthy person. These things are at the heart of a healthy relationship.

• Maintain a Balanced Life and Personality
Likable people know how to balance work with fun and understand that relationships are just as important as work.  In fact, applying some fun and humor to business can result in more sales and brand likability. Likable people remember that we are here to explore and enjoy life.

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