“Make sure the team members know they are working with you, not for you.” – John Wooden, Legendary College Basketball Coach


The value of your business is a function of your relationships. Your relationships with your customers, employees and vendors determines the true worth of your business. The more customers you have, the more employees you will have, and the more vendors you will have. You have to have relationships in order to have customers. The better you are at creating affiliations, the better you will be at growing your business.

Building personal connections begins early in life. First with family, then friends, and then co-workers. We are all trained in relationships throughout our lives. The skills we develop, listening, interacting, speaking and supporting, are the very skills we need to attract clients and sell our products and services. If you are willing to hone those skills, your business and your life will be exponentially enhanced.

People who succeed at relationships are those who have a strong sense of self worth and self confidence. They are willing to suit up, show up, and put themselves out into the marketplace. They are willing to risk rejection and not take it personally. They have the ability to pick up the phone and make the calls that will result in sales.

Part of this confidence comes from a knowledge that we are all already connected. We share this planet, we share this connection called business. It’s not about intruding into someone’s space, it’s about my business helping your business. It’s about my service solving your problem. And the only way we will be able to work together to solve that problem is if we have a relationship.

Take the time to work on your listening and communication skills. Work with your business coach on how to develop better relationships with employees, customers and vendors. Good relationships are a win/win for you and your business.

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