Matrix Key – Relationships – Significant Other Communication
What if love wasn’t the act of finding what you were missing, but the give-and-take that made you both match? – Jodi Picoult

Communication is key to any relationship, but it has special significance in your relationship with your significant other.  When you and your partner share well developed communication skills, you operate as a team, and can handle any situation.  When these skills are not developed, even the most innocent remark can be taken out of context and grow into a horrendous fight.  In fact, poor communication skills are a clear symptom of a troubled relationship. Fortunately, with a little time and attention, good communication skills are surprisingly easy to develop.  In the WholeLife Matrix, the four keys to healthy communication are:
  1. Listening – pause during your conversation to make sure you correctly understand what your partner is sharing.
  2. Verbalizing – put words with your feelings.
  3. Non-verbal cues – watch for body language that matches or differs from the spoken words.
  4. Checking In – set aside time on a regular basis for a general review of your relationship.  

The next time you feel completely misunderstood, or find yourself locked in an argument over something inconsequential, stop and look at how you are communicating. Find a way to bring kindness, respect and courtesy back into the discussion.  You will be glad you did.


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