WholeLife Matrix – Health & WellBeing – Vacation/Time Off – Decompress

 “There is time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.” 
 Tennessee Williams


The concept of decompression comes from deep sea divers: the longer they stay deep in the water under pressure, the higher the risk of sickness as they come back to the surface.  So too with us. A good gauge of our need to decompress is the length of time it takes us to settle in on a vacation day or week.  Can you instantly feel at ease?  Does it take a few days to settle in? Maybe you can’t disconnect at all, constantly taking work calls and checking emails while the rest of the group rides the roller coasters or swims in the pool?
With the WholeLife Matrix, we recognize the importance of getting away from everyday stress to keep your mind and body healthy.  At a minimum, it is important to decompress after high stress day.  One of our favorite ideas is to schedule a “do nothing day.”  This is a day that you set aside to intentionally do nothing.  You can sleep all day, start something and change your mind, anything at all.  The important thing is to stop your normal routine and let your body recharge.
We have identified four ideas that relate to the concept of decompressing:


  1. Absence of Worry
  2. Not answering the phone
  3. Mindless Activities
  4. Putting Self First


Some people have found it helpful to have a separate phone or email account for family and friends.  You can stay connected to people without being sidetracked by work concerns. Mindless activities are the ones that let you turn off the chatter in your head and just exist with whatever you have chosen.  Many would say the most important piece is to put yourself first, and use your decompression time to restore yourself so that when you reengage with the world, you are at 100%.

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