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“You are what you eat.  What would you like to be?” – Julie Murphy 


GIGO.  Garbage in, garbage out.  We are careful about the choice of fuel we put in our cars, the air we breathe, the downloads we make on our computers…but sometimes we overlook the input to our most precious asset. Ourselves.  
We cannot escape the fact that food is our fuel.  We clearly see the connection between quality inputs in other items in our life, but sometimes overlook the connection of garbage in/ garbage out with respect to our bodies.  We can have the best of the best in the other three quadrants of the matrix, but a poorly functioning body slows down even the best efforts in those other quadrants.  


With the WholeLife Matrix, we have identified four facets of the Nutrition quadrant:
1.   Lifelong Eating Plan
2.   Professional Support
3.   Emotional Impact
4.   Weight Management  


No matter what conditions you want to place on the food you consume, there is an abundance of advice and opinions out there.  The noise of all that advice can be overwhelming.   Enlisting professional support is a great way to design a lifelong eating plan appropriate for your body.  And people who have a balanced approach to their food often note the weight management takes care of itself. 

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