Matrix Key: Health & WellBeing – Having Fun – Alone

“One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ever talk to a really busy person who has the opportunity to be alone for a few hours, a day, or even a weekend?  It sounds like they won the lottery – the opportunity to do whatever they want, on their own schedule, with the freedom to change plans at any moment.  For people who regularly exhaust themselves putting other’s needs first, a day alone can be critical for basic health reasons.  
But being alone provides many benefits beyond basic recovery.  For many people, that “I’ve won the lottery” energy comes from the opportunity to be completely immersed in those thoughts and activities which are at the core of their personality and existence.

In the WholeLife Matrix, I consider four aspects of enjoying alone time.  I would love to hear what items you would add to this list:

  1. Doing what YOU want to do
  2. Absence of guilt
  3. Quiet Time
  4. Creativity


If you find it hard to enjoy your time alone, start in small steps.  Go for a hike or wander a new neighborhood in your city, spend the afternoon unplugged while you read a book, rent a movie you have always wanted to see, play with watercolors or crayons like you did when you were a child…the important thing is to reconnect with that thought or activity that inspires you, affirms you, and allows you to express more of your unique qualities.
Finally it is important to always remember, we are talking about balance in the WholeLife Matrix.  Time alone needs to be balanced with time with other people – and you need to look at your own table and decide on your personal balance point.  

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