WholeLife Matrix: Relationships

“A Good Relationship is When Someone Accepts Your Past, Supports Your Present, and Encourages Your Future.” ― RomanceNeverDies

What makes the difference between a happy and an unhappy relationship? There are some key components that successful relationships share. By learning what these components are and including them in your relationship, you will increase your chances of being in a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

They key foundation of a successful relationship is trust because you need to know that you can trust the person in order to build a future with them. So you might consider whether the person has been trustworthy in the past and is currently trustworthy with you and with others. Those who honestly share their feelings from the start are better off over the long run.

Another sign of a good relationship is that you are a priority to your partner. It is good for your partner to have plans outside of your relationship, but if these things consistently come as a priority before spending time with you, then your partner is showing that your relationship is not that important. The right person will really want to spend time with you and will make you a priority. They will let you know that you are important to them and you won’t feel like you are last on their list.

Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to a future. Do you want the same things such as getting married and having children? You should be able to talk about these things with your partner. If they are unwilling to talk with you about important topics, then this can be a sign that you are not with someone who will be a good partner for you down the road.

Great communication is the foundation of a great relationship so you should be able to calmly discuss any problems without yelling or fighting. You should be able to listen to each other to hear each other’s point of view. This is very important because it has been found that people in successful relationships talk to each other more than people in less successful relationships. Happy couples are also skilled at diffusing tension and keeping things positive. They compromise and use affection and humor. In contract, unhappy couples criticize, say negative things, and use negative body language such as eye rolling.

Happy couples are supportive of each other. By supporting each other, you help each other to grow and you also learn from each other. So sharing new experiences together will increase your happiness. Celebrate the successes of your partner. Partners who are engaged and support each other’s desires and achievements are more fulfilled in their relationship.

Also, partners who have positive interactions together are happier. These interactions may include things such as cooking together, leaving a kind note, or giving a genuine compliment. Recalling good memories you had together is also effective. Spend time laughing with each other by going to comedy shows, hosting game nights, or watching funny movies. These activities will produce happy feelings that will attract more happiness.

In the WholeLife Matrix, we list four main areas that we should share with those we interact with. These include the following:

1. Respect
2. Accountability / Responsibility
3. Communication
4. Common Interest

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