The WholeLife Matrix is a system for creating happiness and success in business.  It’s a guide to achieving balance in your life. I put everything together in a picture so you can step back and look at it.

The Matrix started with a concept I call the Table of Life.  I realized that there were four basic components of life and business:  financial viability, relationshipshealth and well-being and personal awareness. I looked at it and thought that it was like the four legs of a table.  I noticed that where you spent your time and attention, that leg of the table got longer.  So those people who spent all their time on making money, that leg of the table got longer and the other legs suffered.  I recognized that people who were in balance focused equally on all of life’s components.  This balance allowed them to maintain an abundant life without dropping anything off the table!  
Everything in this matrix happens in time.  Everything in life happens in time.  The only way to impact each quadrant of the WholeLife Matrix is to schedule time in your calendar for each activity.  You will see that time is the central thread that runs through the entire matrix.As we drill down into the matrix, there are several groups of sub quadrants guiding you through 272 specific actions.  Through this blog I will lead you through the different quadrants and examine how these specific actions will lead you to achieving balance in your life.

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