Matrix Key:  Health and Well-Being – Having Fun
“Don’t stop having fun when you get older, because you will get older when you stop having fun.”
Zaira Swan 


On the  WholeLife Matrixwe’ve included Having Fun as a key component of Health and Well-Being.  For some of us, having fun is what we can do in that last five minutes of the day after we have checked everything off our to-do list.  For others, fun comes first and work comes second.  Either way, having fun is essential to a well balanced and fulfilling life. 


It’s important to explore what qualifies as fun.  Some of us may view fun as work if it means going to a party at the end of a long day and forcing ourselves to interact with people.  It’s key to recognize that fun is a very individual concept.  Fun is what energizes you, excites you, what you look forward to.


Here are four kinds of fun.  What resonates with you?


  1. Recreation and Hobbies
  2. Active Events
  3. Being with Others
  4. Being Alone


If you could spend one hour today having fun, what would you do?  Allow yourself to develop your own definition of fun.  Then make sure to schedule time for that activity, whether it’s reading a book or climbing a mountain.  As the old saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  And what is success worth if it is not at least a little fun? 


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