“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”
Tommy Lasorda

Blogging has become a commonplace web activity. Whether you write them or read them, everybody knows what a blog is about. What many people don’t realize is that a business blog can gain you eyeballs — i.e. customers.– in more ways than one. When I first mention writing a blog many business owners groan and immediately protest the amount of time required. But the investment of time in a blog can pay of more than you know.

How can a blog help my business?
  • Gains you SEO (search engine optimization) links to your website
  • Share your expertise so customers get to know you
  • Establishes your expertise so the search engines find you
  • Helps your customers which creates a “feel good” connection
  • Offers an opportunity to bring in guest posts and strengthen offline connections
  • Creates an opportunity to exchange a dialogue with your customers
  • Provides a vehicle for consistency in your business message
  • Can be a time-saving way of sharing information with a lot of customers
Learn from the Experts

There are many six-figure bloggers out there who have implemented simple steps to achieve their success. Creating success from a blog is not rocket science, it just requires persistence and follow through. The recently launched e-book Beyond-Blogging interviews 15 six-figure bloggers, revealing the steps they took to reach their blogging success. Several of them don’t make any money from their blogs, but instead use their blog as a vehicle for bringing in new clients and building a 7-figure business.

How do I start a blog?
  1. Choose a subject for your blog. It’s important find a niche and focus on that niche in order to establish your expertise.
  2. Determine who will write your blog. You must look within your organize and create a team of individuals who will contribute to your blog content. Give everybody who desires the opportunity to contribute, and you will create a robust resource for content.
  3. Come up with your blogging schedule. How often you blog should be consistent. Users should know when to expect new posts. Create a calendar that is realistic for your schedule. You should blog a minimum of 1 time per week, but 5 times per week is optimum.
  4. Choose a blogging tool. There are many tools out there. The articleHow Do I Set Up a Blog? might help you determine which tool is right for you.
  5. Implement your plan, and be consistent. It is very important to follow through on your blogging plan. If you announce your blog, do a few posts, then give up, that will make an impression on your customers. You can write your posts ahead of time in order to stay on schedule, but be certain to block out a portion of your calendar to blog implementation.
  6. Utilize social media to publicize your blog. Social media is the optimum outlet to gain readers for your blog. Along with your blog, you should create a social media plan to help promote your blog posts.

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