“I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt.”
~ Scotty Bowman, retired NHL coach, holds the record for most wins in league history

Everybody who has a website wants more visitors, and if you peruse the Internet, there are thousands of gigabytes of articles telling how to gain just that. But with all that information out there, how do you begin? What approach is best to get the new eyeballs to see your site?

The Traffic-Driving Budget
It takes a lot of time to implement strategies that drive web traffic, and time is not something most people have. So instead, you need to come up with a traffic driving budget that is going to create the greatest return for the most time you can invest. To create your budget you:

1. Familiarize yourself with the best practices for increasing site traffic
Start by asking people who have a successful website, or searching online for blogs to talk about SEO (search engine optimization) or website marketing. You can also hire a web consultant who can give you a few hours of time to discuss your site and your audience and they can help you determine what best practices would be optimum.

 2. Choose 6 techniques that you have seen evidence of effectiveness
There is a lot to choose from. If you don’t narrow it down, it will become overwhelming. So choose the 6 strategies that sound best to you. You might choose one or two that sound easy, since easy=quick success=motivation to do more. You might choose the ones that are easy to delegate since you don’t have the time to implement or supervise.

3. Create a 6-month calendar, implementing one new strategy each month
Look at your strategies and come up with a logic for organizing them. One may be more successful if implemented after another, so save it for month 4 or 5. One might be really easy, so perhaps use it for month one to kickstart the project and get into the habit.

4. Create a weekly calendar, scheduling in time to implement your strategy
Determine how many hours a week will be required to implement the task for that month. Will you be doing it or delegating it to a staff member? Put it in your calendar, or the staff persons’ calendar, and commit to setting the time aside.

5. Honor your commitment
It takes time and commitment to successfully implement an online marketing campaign. Honor your commitment as you would any other business meeting. Just know that following through is the only way to get the results.


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