“When you build bridges, you can keep crossing them.”
– Rick Pitino, American College Basketball Coach

We’re always working on ideas and techniques to enhance the sales process. Lately, we’ve been talking a lot in our sales training programs about “sell-through.” “Sell-through” is the process of showing your potential customer how they can sell your product to customers of their own.

Obviously, this concept is suited for businesses that are wholesaling product to a retail market. It really helps to train your prospect on how to sell your product to their customers. Demonstrating how your product will bring them more business will get their interest, and, in many cases, their loyalty. When you sell-through, you are really targeting how your product will benefit the end consumer.

There are several ways you can illuminate how your product will resonate with consumers. You want to educate your prospect, and build the relationship as a partnership to reach the target market. Show your prospect how they can best market the product, how they can stay up to date on industry trends, provide reporting on what’s hot and what’s not, and provide access to technology that will help sell to the end buyer. Here’s some specific suggestions:

  1. Host monthly webinars that highlight important industry information – new products, new releases, new regulations, anything that might impact your prospect’s business. Invite both prospects and clients to participate.
  2. Send a monthly e-newsletter that updates prospects on new offerings and ideas for displays or marketing.
  3. Share specific reports or surveys with your prospect that speak to their target market – what they are buying, what they aren’t. Do some of the research for your prospect, and then highlight which of your products fit the bill.
  4. Be sure to distinguish which of your products can’t be found elsewhere. Your prospects will want to offer unique items to attract more customers.
  5. Be an open book. Make sure your prospect or client sees you as the best source of industry knowledge and as someone who can get them answers when they have questions.

There are hundreds of ways you can support your prospects and clients in their efforts to sell to the retail market.Building relationships that are based on win-win ideas will get you more clients for the long term, and solidify your reputation as vendor worth working with.


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